Free Play Period Questions

The Free Play event was created to promote our platform and give new players like you a chance to test out our games. If you like them, we hope you stick around. There’s a ton more free and paid Games with awesome prizes coming in the near future!

Our Free Play period offers Silver Coins to all players that can be claimed daily for the duration of the Free Play period. You can claim 100 silver coins once per day and use them to purchase a free mystery box each day. To claim your Coins, log into your account and click “Claim Today’s Coins”.

There will be no Swaps during the Free Play period. Once paid Games become active, the Swap option will be available.

We will be launching paid Games in the very near future! In the meantime, get your feet wet with our Free Play Games and earn free Gold and Super Coins that can be used for future paid Games!

Account Questions

Our dedicated support team is here to help. Use the Customer Support tab at the bottom of the page and we’ll get you back up and running as soon as possible.

This could be a number of things, such as you may already have an account. Use the messaging tab at the bottom or Contact Us page to reach out and we’ll help you get set up.

Playing Games & Opening Boxes

After creating your account, use the ‘Buy Coins’ button to add coins to your account. Then browse our mystery box collections, choose a box you like, and open it using the Coins in your account.

Click HERE to go to the Coin Store and choose the package you like.

Paid Games are not currently active but will be in the near future.

Congrats! Now you have a choice to make:

  • You can redeem your prize and have it shipped to you.
  • You can trade it in for Gold Coins that can be used to play more Games.

But don’t act too slowly- prizes that haven’t been redeemed within 5 days will get automatically traded in for the current Swap value.

After opening a box, go to “My Collection” and our system will walk you through the checkout process. Once you win a prize you will have 5 days to request shipment. After the 5 days, your prize will be converted to its current Gold Coin value and your account will be credited those Gold Coins.

Grail Game only uses collectibles that are deemed to be 100% authentic. We verify each and every collectible through our network of experts throughout the collectibles industry. We will never use knock-offs or counterfeit items.

Shipping & Orders

Yes. We will calculate and display the amount you will be charged at check out.

Shipping charges vary depending on the item(s) and your location. You will see the shipping cost when you go through the checkout process.

Go to ‘My Collection’ to see the items you’ve won. At any point, you can request a shipment and go through the checkout process. You can then use a credit card to pay the appropriate shipping fees for your order.

We are currently only shipping within the continental United States.

Typical shipping times throughout the continental U.S. usually range from 3-10 days, which includes handling time. You’re a collector and we know you want your item quickly! We do our best to get every order out in a timely manner.

Once logged in, click on the ‘My Orders’ tab and you’ll be able to review the status of all of your orders.

You can find the tracking information on the ‘My Orders’ page. You also should have received an email with your tracking number back when it was shipped. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.

No problem, we’ve got you covered! Please reach out to Customer Support using the messaging tab at the bottom or our Contact Us page.

General Questions

Click HERE for a tutorial on what each type of coin can be used for.

  • Silver Coins: Can be used to play free Games
  • Gold Coins: Can be used to play paid Games
  • Super Coins: Can be used to play featured Games and enter special events
  • Gems: Can be redeemed for items in our Gem Prize Shop

No! That’s what makes us different (and more fun!) than every other collectibles site. The only way to get collectibles from us is by signing up and playing our Games.

Due to the highly volatile nature of collectibles markets, as well as differing opinions on the value of specific items within those markets, we are unable to offer guaranteed value in our Games. Understand that there are risks involved and you might get a collectible that doesn’t fit your collection. This is why we offer our Swap program.

We source all of our inventory through our huge network of vetted dealer partners and suppliers. We have literally hundreds of sources for the awesome collectibles you see in our Games.

The one thing that’s great about the collectibles market is that there are always differing views on what something is “worth”. We’d encourage you to seek an item’s value through a number of sources, such as completed sales on marketplaces like Ebay and online price guides such as